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Welcome to the countdown! Right now most of you have a holiday email marketing calendar that is white space free. Yeah, we all “batch and blast” and “spray and pray” email out the door during holiday. Why? It works; revenue doesn’t lie. Still, what if there could be more revenue? How about a few less spam complaints or having subscribers who are just a little less fatigued come January 1? Did I mention the additional revenue?

It’s not too late to move beyond the blast. If you are using a supported web analytics vendor and ESP partner, you can be up and running before code freeze (two weeks). “But why?” you ask. How does an increase in email revenue of up to 30 percent grab you? How about doubling your abandon revenue? How about happier subscribers and customers?

How will we help you become the email rock star that you’ve always known you could be? We give you the tools to do what you’ve always wanted. Here are just a few of the opportunities to take your behavioral marketing to stunning levels of success.

1. Abandon Cart vs. Check-Out Abandonment: You’ve always known these are two different types of abandoners. The level of purchase intent is wildly different (especially over holiday). We always recommend classifying these visitors differently and engaging them uniquely, allowing you to tune offers and increase your margin.

2. Determine Why People are Abandoning: If someone bails out of the check-out, more than 38 percent of the time there is a trackable reason for it – and you should act on it! Last year, payment method abandonment was tracked at around 18 percent across several industries. In fashion, 30 percent of visitors who abandoned at check-out did so after having tried to use a promo code. Smarter Remarketer allows you to create segments based on causality of abandon, again, tuning the message to the customer based on their experience (and adding value to your brand).

3. Capture More Email Addresses: After 12 years of doing behavioral marketing, we’ve learned from our mistakes and our successes. The biggest of which (both) is the art/science of email address collection. By integrating to your ESP and doing real-time on-site, you can give your email remarking effort a 50 percent boost in performance and still be true to permission!

4. Launch “Marketing Mop-Up” Programs: These are my favorite programs; they are just awesome and can literally change how you market. The concept is simple – if a customer has engaged with your Black Friday/Cyber Monday marketing, follow up! For example, one of our favorite clients, Woodcraft, ran a mop-up program for customers who engaged during their Cyber-week marketing efforts with a “last chance to save”
email promotion. The email garnered a very respectable 20 percent click through rate and achieved a conversion rate nearly seven times higher than a secondary test list of cyber week purchasers from the previous year. ***Warning, results are typical!

5. Keep Your Mind on Your Money and Your Money on Your Mind (yeah, I’m showing my age): Don’t forget, some website traffic is coming at a cost. When you pay for a banner ad, for example, and it doesn’t result in a sale, that money is gone. Make your spending count! Whether it’s an up-funnel “non-carting” visitor program, or your abandonment program, we recommend (and allow you to easily) factor in those “premium marketing sources” for visitor recovery! Converting customers driven through those programs not only bolsters sales, but increases gross return on ad spend for some of your coworkers, which should be good for both accolades and some shots.

So – quick reminder. If you want us to make your holidays merrier and get your company up and running in time for Black Friday, we need you to be using our supported partners.

From the web analytics side that includes:
Adobe Omniture
Google Analytics

…And one of our supported email partners:
Experian’s CheetahMail
Blue Hornet

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